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News Roundup – 18 December 2014

December 18, 2014

Illegal armed groups recruited more than 100 Colombian child soldiers in 2014. 

EU court takes Hamas off terrorist organisations list. 

ICRC on BBC Hardtalk: Dealing with ISIS ‘very difficult’.

Boko Haram unrest: Nigerian militants ‘kidnap 100 villagers’.

An LRA for everyone? Constructing knowledge of rebel groups (see full article here).

M23 ex-rebels break out of Uganda camp. 

Looming DRC offensive prompts “humanitarian fallout” fears.

International Crisis Group: DRC – ending the status quo. 

Child soldiers in Central African Republic more than doubled, says charity. 

Did you miss the ICRC webinar on the Use of Force in Armed Conflicts? Here’s the recording

December 17, 2014

On 25 November 2014, the ICRC organised a webinar to discuss the report ‘Use of Force in Armed Conflicts: Interplay between the Conduct of Hostilities and Law Enforcement’. Here is the recording of the event.

The Use of Force in Armed Conflicts report emerged out of an expert meeting convened by the ICRC January 2012 to shed light on the use of force in armed conflicts. The meeting sought to find the line dividing the conduct-of-hostilities and law-enforcement paradigms in situations of armed conflict. It paid special attention to non-international armed conflicts, during which the interplay between the two is particularly discernible.

The report is divided into three parts. First, it addresses the legal basis and distinguishing features of the two paradigms. Then, it introduces and discusses five case studies pertaining to the use of force; these studies were developed to illustrate some of the concrete legal and practical issues that arise in the field:

Case study 1: The use of force against potential targets (example of the isolated sleeping fighter)
Case study 2: Riots (where civilians and fighters are blended in with each other)
Case study 3: Fight against criminality
Case study 4: Escape attempts and rioting detainees

News Roundup – 15-17 December 2014

December 17, 2014

Private military and security companies: implementation of Montreux document.

Protecting schools and universities from military use. 

Sworn enemies make peace in Colombia, after putting down their guns.

Pakistan school killings: Zeid calls for united front against “savage extremism”. 

FARC ‘amnesty': protesters reject ‘impunity’. 

Syrian rebels ‘hell canons’ kill 300 civilians, monitoring group. 

Boko Haram fuels displacement crisis in Niger’s Diffa region. 

Congo M23 rebels not ready to return from Uganda. 

Massacres highlight complexity of violence in DRC’s Beni Territory. 

Zeid warns of “tinderbox” in South Sudan as civilians suffer daily rights violations. 

Red Light Jihad: New documentary on the strange backdrop of Thailand’s southern guerilla war (watch documentary here)

UN report details dire plight of people in eastern Ukraine amid ongoing rights violations (see here for full report).

News Roundup – 10 December 2014

December 11, 2014

Sudanese Peace Talks End Without Deal

Ukraine-Russia truce holds, but peace talks remain uncertain

Reactions to the US torture report at Lawfare and Opiniojuris

Explosion rocks US-Yemeni military base

Jihadi groups killed more than 5,000 people in November

News Roundup – 8-9 December 2014

December 10, 2014

Senate report on CIA torture claims spy agency lied about ‘ineffective’ program

Suspected rebels kill at least 12 in northeast Congo village

Ukrainian Military and Rebels Observe ‘Silent Day’

Suspected bomb kills 10 on Philippine passenger bus

Israel bombs Syria in attacks probably aimed at Hezbollah

Amnesty International: ‘Strikes on Gaza high-rises were war crimes’

Suicide Bomber Attacks Army Headquarters in Yemen, and AQAP claims new Yemen attack after botched US mission

U.S. moves top Pakistani Taliban militant to Pakistan, official says

Al Qaeda ‘retreating’ in Pakistan

News Roundup – 4/5 December 2014

December 5, 2014

International Criminal Court to keep ‘close watch’ on Colombia peace process. 

Just Security: ICC’s examination of US treatment of detainees takes shape.

Soldier deaths inquest: soldiers should have been warned about Taliban activity in area. 

Chechan man accused of fighting in Syria, should be acquitted relatives say.

War crimes in Syria, a missed opportunity for international criminal justice. 

Unifying CAR’s anti-balaka becoming a tough job. 

CAR: an uncertain path to reconciliation. 

Deadly rebel attack rocks Grozny. 

Insurgents in Thailand get chance to ‘integrate’. 

News Roundup – 3 December 2014

December 3, 2014

Geneva Call: 35 armed movements adopt a declaration to better protect civilians in armed conflicts. 

New Syrian rebel grouping fails to entice major rebel factions. 

Iranian airstrikes target ISIS in Iraq. 

Getting the balance right on ISIL videos.

Yemen car bomb target’s Iran ambassador.

Raids target Libya warehouse and factory. 

Great Lakes envoys outraged by spate of civilian massacres in eastern DRC. 

Rebel leader’s claim of ties to FSB omitted by Russian media. 

MILF makes assurances that it will stop using child soldiers. 


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