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Geneva Call recruiting new Head of Operations

August 26, 2015

Geneva Call

Geneva Call is recruiting a new Head of Operations and applications are requested to be sent by 22 September 2015.

According to the job description, the Head of Operations will perform the following activities:-

  •  – Plans operational policy in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Foundation Board and the Executive President, and integrating strategic priorities into Appel de Genève / Geneva Call’s thematic areas;
  •  – Assumes responsibility for this policy implementation at Headquarters and in the field;
  • – Ensures coordination and consistency between operational activities;
  • – Manages the Operations Department (human resources, budget, safety, etc.);
  • – Reports to the Executive President on the results of policy implementation and management, including analysis and proposals for necessary adjustments;
  • – Contributes to the definition and monitoring of Appel de Genève / Geneva Call’s overall policy, as a member of the Directorate;
  • – Leads critical thinking and discussion on operational issues within the Department.

Geneva Call is looking for someone with the following experience:

  • – Excellent ability to define operational priorities and their planification for implementation and monitoring;
  • – Ability to design, plan and integrate the Appel de Genève / Geneva Call’s specific themes into regional or transversal projects;
  • – Ability to analyse the humanitarian contexts of armed conflicts, particularly concerning non-international armed conflicts and to define strategies for negotiations, interventions and follow-up;
  • – Knowledge of humanitarian norms and challenges linked to the protection of civilians in armed conflicts;
  • – Experience of dialogue with parties to armed conflicts, including armed non-State actors;
  • – Ability to represent the Foundation at the highest levels and develop networks using excellent diplomatic and negotiating skills;
  • – Ability to manage a budget, organize responsibilities and delegate tasks;
  • – Ability to, lead and harmoniously work with the Operations’ team and external consultants;
  • – Excellent writing skills;
  • – Large flexibility, notably to travel to conflict areas;
  • – University degree or equivalent;
  • – Several years experience in similar activities;
  • – Fluent French and English; a third language would be an advantage.

News Roundup – 15-23 August 2015

August 23, 2015

There’s been an ominous spike in violence in northern Mali

Militia in northern Mali battles Tuaregs in threat to peace talks

U.N. deploys troops around northern Mali town after clashes

Tobruk-based Libya government calls for airstrikes on IS-held city

IS ‘beheads’ 12 in battle for Libya’s Sirte

At the ICC, Congolese warlord Lubanga denies witness tampering, wants sentence cut

Sudan Forces Kill, Rape With Impunity In Darfur, UN Warns

Al Bashir Said to Offer Ceasefire and Amnesty for Rebels in Sudan’s Dialogue

South Sudan Says It Won’t Sign Peace Accord With Rebel Group

Rebel-held Ukraine overhauls education system as it aligns itself with Russia

Red Cross Offers Workshops in International Law to Hamas

Op-ED Washington Post: ‘A new episode in the Turkish civil war?’

Human Rights Watch: Impose Arms Embargo on Syria Following Deadly Airstrikes

Syria rebels repel ISIL advances along Turkey border

Read more…

News Roundup – 10-14 August 2015

August 14, 2015

Peru dismantles Shining Path column. 

Lawfare blog: when cubs become lions: the future of ISIS child soldiers.

Is Turkey using ISIS as an excuse to fight the Kurds? 

Amnesty International report: Fresh evidence of atrocities underscores need for impartial investigation into Turkish airstrikes in Kandil mountains. 

Al-Qaida withdrawal raises Syria safe zone hopes. 

Powerful Islamist group backs IS-free Syria zone. 

Islamic State and rival Islamists clash in Libya, 17 killed. 

Nigeria’s Boko Haram militants have new leader. 

UN agency assists Nigeria’s neighbours as escalating violence sparks waves of refugees. 

Three Malian soldiers killed in landmine explosion. 

DRC: ethnic militias kill civilians in Katanga. 

Will ICC judges grant Lubanga early release? 

South Sudanese top rebel commander plays down fears of disintegration within its top leadership. 

Sri Lanka between elections. 

News Roundup – 1-8 August 2015

August 9, 2015

Jailed FARC rebels call for amnesty in Colombia

‘Soviet Taliban’ convicted in US over Afghan attack

13 killed after gunmen take foreigners hostage in deadly Mali hotel attack

Nigeria Boko Haram crisis: Army rescues 178 people

Burundi: How rebel touts manipulate young men toward armed conflict

Sudan says willing to suspend verdicts against rebels who join talks

‘Libya’s Bad Peace Deal Is Worse Than No Peace Deal’

Sinai militants threaten to kill foreign hostage abducted near Cairo

Kosovo’s parliament approves new war crimes court

Cossacks Face Grim Reprisals From Onetime Allies in Eastern Ukraine

Death Toll In North Caucasus Fighting Continues To Fall Read more…

Forgotten Conflicts project – IRIN News

August 4, 2015

IRIN News, which recently became independent of the UN, has launched a special feature up called “Forgotten conflicts: Drawing attention to the wars we neglect”. It explains that at present “there are more than 40 conflicts unfolding in countries around the world. Many of them don’t get the media or policy attention of the wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or Ukraine, and they may not have the same geopolitical or economic importance. But the toll of decades-long conflicts – from Colombia to the Ogaden, from Kashmir to Western Sahara – is just as devastating for the people who live there.”

In a series of special features, IRIN “examines the root causes, human cost and potential for peace” of such conflicts. The first ones are Casamance (in West-Africa), South Kordofan (Sudan) and southern Thailand.

Each feature includes information about the conflict, states and graphs (like the ones below), as well as informative and personal stories about the conflict and the impact on those involved.

Forgotten conflicts 2

Although for more in-depth analyses you probably need to continue going to (paid) armed conflict databases such as SIPRI, “Forgotten Conflicts” is a useful new tool to get initial information about the various ongoing (non-international) armed conflicts around the world.

Forgotten conflicts 1

News Roundup – 27-31 July 2015

July 31, 2015

UK Court invalidates British Forces’ Afghan detention programme (Serdar Mohammed v Ministry of Defence)

Colombia suspends raids on FARC camps after rebel truce. 

New report by UN Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson on life under ISIL-controlled areas (see here for report).

Who’s who in the fight against ISIL in northern Syria. 

Al-Qaida linked rebels in Syria capture head of US-trained rebel group.

Turkey versus Islamic State versus the Kurds.  

Turkish jets launch heaviest strikes on Kurdish rebels yet.

Taliban officially announces death of Mullah Omar. 

Condemning Boko Haram violence, UN Security Council urges regional efforts to counter ongoing attacks. 

HRW: Thailand: Insurgents target Buddhist monks. 

News Roundup – 18-24 July 2015

July 25, 2015

IRIN News: Why peace won’t be enough in Colombia

Turkey carries out first ever airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. 

UN asks ICC to investigate destruction of Mali mausoleums

More People Flee To Mauritania To Escape Insecurity In Northern Mali

More than 50 dead in suspected Boko Haram attacks in Cameroon and Nigeria

Op-Ed: ‘Recent attacks show that Boko Haram remains far from broken, and is drawing closer to ISIS

Top UN relief official in Central African Republic urgently appeals for halt in attacks on aid workers, see also this press release on ärmed attacks on the main supply road”.

Mobile Courts Tackle Sexual Violence in DRC

Uganda ADF rebel charged with crimes against humanity

Op-Ed: ‘War Crimes and Rwandan Realities

Human Rights Watch report on South Sudan: They Burned it All: Destruction of Villages, Killings, and Sexual Violence in South Sudan’s Unity State. In response: South Sudan spokesman: ‘Army didn’t commit atrocities’

AU and Somali Troops Seize Somali City From Shabab Militants

Rebel shelling in east Ukraine kills three civilians, soldier according to Ukraine military

Russian Rejection of U.N. Tribunal Casts Doubt on Possibility of MH17 Prosecution

Gaza car blasts target Hamas and Islamic Jihad armed wings

Suicide Bombing Kills at Least 30 in Suruc (Turkey) and Suicide Bomber in Suruc Is Said to Be a Turk With Possible Ties to ISIS

Syrian Airstrikes said to have killed 995 children in 9 months

UN Envoy in Damascus for Talks on Solution to Syrian War

Senior al-Qaida figure, Muhsin al-Fadhli, killed in US air strike in Syria, officials say

Town of Hit has resisted Islamic State for 18 months. But food is running low

Shiite rebel shelling in war torn Yemen town kills 45

In Yemen’s grinding war, if the bombs don’t get you, the water shortages will

Saudi-backed Yemeni troops and fighters control Aden

Suicide bomber strikes market in Afghanistan, killing more than a dozen

International Crisis Group report: Revisiting Counter-terrorism Strategies in Pakistan: Opportunities and Pitfalls

Myanmar government and ethnic groups set to resume ceasefire talks in Yangon

Former PULO leader paroled by Thai government so he can in help with efforts to restore peace in the South


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