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News Roundup – 20 October 2014

October 20, 2014

NY times opinion pages: The reign of ‘terror’. 

Armed drones: calls for greater transparency and accountability.

Pakistan calls for global norms to use drones.

Afghanistan: Life inside a Taliban stronghold. 

International Crisis Group report: Afghanistan’s political transition. 

Turkey to let Iraqi Kurds join Kobane fight. 

Dozens dead in Yemen, as Shiite rebels fight Sunnis. 

Nigerian agreement enhances Boko Haram’s stature, says expert. 

Fighting erupts between two Tuareg armed groups in northern Mali. 

Sudan could be funding South Sudan rebels, says report. 

More on the documents allegedly smuggled out of Sudan showing it is funding Machar rebels: The world according to Khartoum. 

Rebel faction in South Sudan says it will not re-unify unless Kiir steps down. 

DRC: UN envoy calls for decisive joint military action to neutralize rebels. 

Eastern Congo faces second deadly attack in a week. 

Gunmen free 100s of prisoners from eastern DRC. 

Central African Republic: UN officials deplore the targeting of hospitals and patients. 

Germany: report blames pro-Russian rebels for M17 crash. 

News Roundup – 17 October 2014

October 18, 2014

Authorities deny ELN presence around Medellin in spite of video showing exact opposite

No justice, no peace for northern Mali

At least six killed in northern Mali ahead of peace talks

Nigeria and Boko Haram ‘agree ceasefire and girls’ release’

Rebels kill 30 people in East Congo, official says

Report of the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office on human rights violations committed by agents of the Congolese national police during operation likofi in Kinshasa between 15 november 2013 and 15 february 2014

Ex-Iraqi air force pilots train IS fighters on Syrian jets

Holding ISIS to account

Minority Rights International report: From Crisis to Catastrophe: the situation of minorities in Iraq

Shiite Rebels Clash With Qaeda Militants in Yemen

Drone strikes in Pakistan: laser or blunderbuss?

SSA-North defies order by Myanmar army to withdraw

News Roundup – 14-16 October 2014

October 16, 2014

Did Israel’s ‘Hannibal directive’ lead to a war crime in Gaza?

Turkish warplanes hit Kurdish rebels, complicating fight against Islamic State

Chatham House video of Brahimi discussing Syria’s Conflict and the Impact on Its Neighbours: The Long View

US airstrikes said to have killed hundreds of IS fighters

On outskirts of Baghdad, Islamic State’s advances raise tensions

The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons, but “Islamic State militants do not appear to have seized any chemical weapons”

Exclusive video shows ISIL battle in Iraq

Amnesty International: Evidence of war crimes by government-backed Shi’a militias in Iraq

Al-Qaida fighters storm security base in Yemen

Houthi fighters seize Yemen city of Ibb

Pakistani Taliban Leaders Defect to Islamic State

Unknown Armed Group Kills Four And Wounds Nine Civilians in Myanmar

How to talk to terrorists

Blog post “A Different Perspective on Hassan v. United Kingdom: A Reply to Frederic Bernard”, on Strasbourg Observers

On Just Security, the second part of Reflections on Hassan v UK: A Mixed Bag on the Right to Liberty

International Crisis Group’s Global Briefing on 23-24 October 2014 (in Brussels)



News Roundup – 13 October 2014

October 14, 2014

Colombia says FARC rebel chief traveled twice to Cuba for peace talk

“The Mission: A last defense against genocide”, an interesting long-read about the CAR fight between Seleka and Anti-Balaka

UN: Nine killed in suspected Ugandan rebel attack in DR Congo

DRC civilians face ADF rebel threat

South Sudanese rebels kill Ugandan soldiers in Upper Nile according to spokesperson

Somalia Expects Liberation of al-Shabaab-Controlled Areas by May

Kurdish Rebels Assail Turkish Inaction on ISIS as Peril to Peace Talks

Yazidi Women Captured by the Islamic State Suffer Terrible Fate

IS group admit mass enslavement of Yazidi women and children

Taliban adopts Islamic State terror tactics as U.S. troops exit Afghanistan

14 Afghan Forces Are Killed in Ambush by the Taliban

Stability returns in Myawaddy (Myanmar) after clashes

Six schools torched in restive Thai province

On Just Security: “Reflections on Hassan v UK: A Mixed Bag on the Right to Liberty” in two parts (see here for part 1)

News Roundup – 10 October 2014

October 10, 2014

Statement of the Prosecutor of the ICC on International Day of the Girl Child. 

Colombia says rebel chief has been to Cuba for peacetalks. 

MSF: Shattered lives in the Cauca mountains in Colombia. 

Turkey ignores Kurdish fury as militants close in on capturing Kobani. 

IS pushes deeper into besieged Syrian town. 

Coalition airstrikes against ISIS, aid Bashar al-Assad, Syrian rebels claim. 

Mali jihadists announce blood soaked return to northern Mali. 

Violence in Central African Republic leaves 12 dead. 

Ntaganda case before the ICC announced to begin on 2 June 2015. 

DRC: UN officials urge justice for grave crimes committed by M23. 

Report of the UN Joint Human Rights Office on human rights violations committed by M23 in North Kivu between April 2012- November 2013. 

Satanic panic: how British agents stoked supernatural fears in the Troubles. 

News Roundup – 9 October 2014

October 9, 2014

Is it a war? An armed conflict? Why words matter in the US fight against the Islamic State. 

ISIS air strikes limited without viable rebel force, says White House. 

Abdul Rahman Kassig: US hostage now a very dedicated Muslim. 

Scores dead in Yemen’s blasts. 

Fragile calm in Bangui has broken and fighting ongoing. 

UN peacekeepers face ‘biggest test’ to protect civilians amid worsening violence. 

Protracted armed conflict in eastern Ukraine takes its toll on civilians (see here for report).

Dispatches: the Ukraine ceasefire that wasn’t. 

News Roundup – 8 October 2014

October 8, 2014

What’s so new about the Islamic State’s governance? 

You can’t understand how beleaguered Kobani is until you see these maps. 

Kobani: anger grows as Turkey stops Kurds from aiding militias in Syria. 

Yemen rebel leader calls for mass protests. 

Yemen names new PM, aims to defuse rebel crisis. 

Ban voices ‘outrage’ as second UN peacekeeper killed in Mali this month. 

Martina Johnson’s war crimes trial is a milestone in quest for justice. 



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