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Final English translation of the Colombian peace agreement

June 18, 2017

In this post, you can find the link to the English translation of the Colombian peace agreement which has recently been put online. Please note the caveat in the text presenting the link which affirms that the translation has no legal value, and only the Spanish version is legally binding.

News Round-Up 5-11 June

June 14, 2017

Sudan holds Darfur rebels responsible for the recent clashes

S. Sudan rebel faction and government sign peace pact

Kabul In Continuing Plight Against Growing Insurgent And Terrorist Intimidations

Glimmers of hope for peace in Myanmar

Defining the Model: Understanding Insurgency and Counterinsurgency Models to Develop a Path Forward in Afghanistan

200 displaced amid combat between illegal armed groups in southwest Colombia

Colombia: Armed Groups Oppress Riverside Communities

Jihadists rise in Mindanao

Conflicts arise in central Africa as a result of SEC decision

NDFP orders Moro group, NPA to defend vs Maute, Abu Sayyaf

Colombia’s FARC rebel group 30% finished with disarmament

Former insurgent group to take part in Afghan elections

CAR: Scores dead and thousands displaced as conflict erupts in Alindao

UN envoy discusses South Sudan crisis and SPLM-N rift in Khartoum

Conflict in Thai south could be exploited by ISIS, warn analysts



News Roundup – 31 May – 6 June 2017

June 7, 2017

EU commits 50 million euros to combat militants in West Africa

France says soldiers killed 20 Islamists in Mali

Instability Widens in Mali and the Sahel Region of Africa

Children strapped with explosives kill nine in north Cameroon

‘Tunisia militants behead shepherd near Algeria border’

East Libyan forces advance in strategic oasis towns

Freed Gadaffi son remains under guard for his protection

‘SLM-TC rejects negotiations with the Sudanese government’

Young South Sudanese artists hope music and art can relieve suffering of war

Al Shabaab claims bomb attack on Somali police station

Madrid to Manchester to London: A chronology of terror in Europe

US arms Syrian Kurdish militia in fight against ‘Islamic State’ (IS)

UN: ISIL kills 163 people in Mosul in one day Read more…

Breaking: Arrest of wife of Charles Taylor in London for war crimes

June 2, 2017

Today British police charged Agnes Taylor with torture for her alleged involvement with atrocities committed by Charles Taylor’s rebel group, the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), during the first Liberian Civil War.

Charles Taylor, who brought civil war to Liberia with the NPFL’s invasion in 1989 and who was President of Liberia from 1997-2003, was convicted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone in 2012 for planning, aiding and abetting the commission by the rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) of crimes such as acts of terrorism, murder and rape in Sierra Leone. He is currently serving a 50-year sentence.

Charles Taylor, however, has never been held accountable for his crimes committed in Liberia because the Liberian authorities have made no effort to investigate and prosecute crimes committed over a decade of civil war that claimed well over 150 000 lives, most of whom were civilians.

This landmark case marks the second time someone formerly associated with the NPFL has been charged with crimes committed during Liberia’s civil wars. The first case involved NPFL front line Commander Martina Johnson who was arrested in Belgium in September 2014 for her alleged role in wartime atrocities.

The Geneva-based organization Civitas Maxima and the Monrovia-based Global Justice and Research Project (GJRP) provided the initial information to the UK authorities, which led to the Metropolitan Police Service commencing an investigation. Police say Agnes Taylor, whose residence was given as east London, was arrested Thursday by the force’s war crimes team. She is due to appear in a London court on Saturday.

News Roundup – 23-30 May 2017

May 30, 2017

Secretary-General says ‘No one is winning today’s wars, everyone is losing’ as Security Council debates protection of civilians in armed conflict (see here for report on protection of civilians in armed conflict).

Statement of the ICC Prosecutor to the UNSC on Libya

Airstrikes, ISIL causing civilian casualties in Syria. 

ICC says its monitoring CAR violence. 

UN human rights report maps 13 years of impunity and violence in the Central African Republic. 

What I learnt from Boko Haram? A repentant insurgent. 

Disarmed and dangerous: can former FARC guerillas adjust to civilian life? 

Colombia pushes back deadline for rebel disarmament. 

Sudan: rebels resume heavy fighting in north Darfur. 

Myanmar invites 3 previously shunned ethnic armed groups to peace process. 

Victims views on truth seeking and memorials in Nepal take centre stage in new report from ICTJ and Martin Chautari Institute. 

Philippines turns to heavy firepower as hunt for rebel leader narrows. 

Philippines calls off peace talks with communist rebels. 

News Roundup 15-22 May

May 23, 2017

The complexity of insurgencies in our world today

Armed Groups Allow Evacuations To Begin From Embattled CAR Town: UN

Taliban Categorically Rejects Peace Talks With Afghan Government

Rebel soldiers shut down Ivorian cities

Egypt: From military-insurgents confrontation, Sinai conflict shifts to civil war

Turkey Planning New Operations in Syria, Iraq Against Kurdish Armed Groups

Sudanese army, SLM-MM in fierce fighting in Darfur

Chhattisgarh: Maoist arrest indicates rebel revival near Gondia

News Roundup – 10-15 May 2017

May 16, 2017

Mexico Rejects Label as World’s Second-Deadliest Conflict Zone

Heavy gunfire as mutiny spreads in Ivory Coast cities

Boko Haram blamed for farmers deaths in Maiduguri

Austria jails Syrian rebel fighter for killing soldiers

Syria army ‘moves into area’ where rebels evicted ISIL

Over 2,000 rebels, families evacuate Damascus district, according to Syrian state media

US says Assad using ‘crematorium’ to hide mass killings

With tunnel lifeline cut, pressure mounts on Syrian rebel enclave

Afghan forces face challenge of absorbing former insurgent

Fighting Escalates in Northern Mynmar Shan State as Peace Conference Looms

According to Thailand, Insurgents Bomb Southern Mali