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News Roundup 4 October – 10 October

October 13, 2021

Mali accuses France of training ‘terrorists’ in the country

Afghanistan: UN chief condemns ‘horrific’ attack at Kunduz mosque

Sudan: 16 Factions, Armed Groups Call For National Consensus Charter

Ethiopia conflict sees hunger and atrocities spread from Tigray to Amhara

Libya: War crimes likely committed since 2016, UN probe finds

UN experts decry possible crimes against humanity in Libya

Children ‘indoctrinated’ to fight for insurgents in Mozambique: UNICEF

UN accused of turning a blind eye to Yemen abuses

‘We have failed Yemen’: UN human rights council ends war crime probe

UN Votes to Appoint Human Rights Watchdog in Afghanistan

News Roundup 27 September – 3 October

October 6, 2021

The northern countryside of Homs in Syria is facing a similar fate as Daraa

Iraq: ‘Moral obligation’ to ensure justice for Yazidi and other survivors of ISIL crimes

EXCLUSIVE Some 1,900 Colombian guerrillas operating from Venezuela, says Colombia military chief

Top UN envoy ‘encouraged’ by recent engagement of Israeli and Palestinian officials

Summary killings, human-rights abuses surge in eastern DRC

Mozambique: ISIS-linked Group Using Child Soldiers

Myanmar Junta Announces ‘Goodwill’ Ceasefire With Ethnic Armed Groups

Myanmar Junta Accused of Targeting Civilians with Landmines

Yemen asks international community to exert pressure on Houthi coup leaders and their sponsors to ‘end bloodshed’

Ethiopia to work with AU to find peaceful solution to conflict in Tigray

Legal Roundup February 2021 – September 2021

October 4, 2021

We are very pleased to present the legal roundup for February 2021 – September 2021, that contains publications on issues related armed groups and international law, non-international armed conflict and the relationship between IHL and IHRL. It was prepared by Andrea Farrés, and it was finalised with input from Ezequiel Heffes and Katharine Fortin.

If you have a 2021 publication which you think should be included in this roundup, please do not hesitate to contact the editors of the blog, Katharine Fortin and Ezequiel Heffes.

Please note that due to paywalls and your institution’s permissions, the given link may not always take you to the text of the article. The Armed Groups and International law blog has published legal roundups since 2012. For previous versions of the legal roundup, see here.

Armed Non-State Actors, NIACs and International Law

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Conflict classification

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Rebel governance 

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Non-State Armed Groups, International Responsibility and Reparations

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Jus ad Bellum

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International Criminal Law

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Targeting and Detention

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Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding

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News Roundup 20 September – 26 September

September 29, 2021

Thousands flee homes once again as two Shan armed groups fight for control of territory

Five Years After Peace Deal, Colombia Is Running Out of Time, Experts Say

Syria: 10 years of war has left at least 350,000 dead

Ravaged by war, Syrian rebel area struggles with virus surge

What’s behind the rising violence in western Niger?

Rohingya Armed Groups Active Again in Western Myanmar

This is our opportunity to end the Taliban’s use of child soldiers

Rebel attacks kill 15 soldiers, civilians in western Cameroon

‘Tragic mistake’: U.S. determines Kabul drone strike killed innocent aid worker, nine family members

With region ‘at a crossroads’, Palestinian President calls on UN’s Guterres to convene international peace conference

News Roundup 13 September – 19 September

September 22, 2021

Niger: Children Killed or Forcibly Recruited By Armed Islamist Groups in Devastating Conflict – New Report

Yemen: the seven-year war with no peace in sight

Afghanistan crisis: Taliban kill civilians in resistance stronghold

Taliban fighters tighten grip in rebellious Panjshir region with killings and food control, witness says

After 10 years of war in Syria, siege tactics still threaten civilians

UN mission responding to evolving needs in Sudan transition process

DR Congo: Massacres Persist Despite Martial Law

Renewed hostilities in Daraa offer lessons and opportunities in Syria. But will Washington pay attention?

Yemeni government forces again on the backfoot

‘Gross abuses’: Armed groups killing, recruiting in Niger

News Roundup 6 September – 12 September

September 15, 2021

France: Lafarge loses ruling in Syria crime against humanity case

Lafarge case uncovers French duplicity, hypocrisy, says analyst

Military Faction Stages Coup in Mineral-Rich Guinea

Myanmar’s Shadow Government Announces ‘Defensive War’

Human Rights abuses intensifying in eastern DR Congo – UNHCR

Violence Against Civilians in Eastern DRC Reaching New Heights, UN Says

Yemen: As conflict drags on, ‘no quick wins’ – UN envoy

UN: 18,000 Yemeni civilians killed in airstrikes since 2015

CAR Court Accuses Ex-warlord of Crimes Against Humanity

Syrian military groups operating under Turkey-backed SNA merge

News Roundup 30 August – 5 September

September 8, 2021

Security Council urges Taliban to provide safe passage out of Afghanistan

White House: Biden told commanders to ‘stop at nothing’ to go after ISIS

Worst Tripoli fighting in a year tests Libya ceasefire

Israel-Palestine: Waste no opportunity for ‘serious’ political negotiation, envoy urges

Tigray aid situation worsening by the day, warn UN humanitarians

Pakistani soldiers killed in cross border fire from Afghanistan

What Nigerians displaced by Boko Haram say about living with ex-fighters

Syrian army bombards rebels in birthplace of uprising – residents

Five years on, Colombia’s coca regions remain at war and distrust is growing

Myanmar’s Opposition Is Forming Fragile Alliances With Armed Ethnic Groups

News Roundup 23 August – 29 August

September 1, 2021

Chad Rebel Group FACT Says It’s Willing to Join National Dialogue

Biden promises further strikes on Afghan militant groups

Pioneering report continues to help children survive conflict

Increased Syria violence prompts largest civilian displacements in a year, as gridlock stymies political talks

No end to Yemen civil war on the horizon, senior UN official briefs Security Council

No strings attached? How Europe’s military support for Mali closes its eyes to abuses

Fighting, flooding, and donor fatigue: Unpacking South Sudan’s food crisis

Taliban retakes power, but it faces mounting challenges ahead

‘Resistance is still alive’: armed groups drive out Taliban fighters

UN condemns ‘abhorrent’ terrorist attack at Kabul airport

News Roundup 16 August – 22 August

August 25, 2021

Report details grave violations against children in Afghanistan

‘No way out’ for imperilled Afghans, broader international response needed

Ethiopia: UN chief gravely concerned over ‘unspeakable violence’ in Tigray

Competing armed groups carrying out ‘mass rape’ in Congo: UN

Despite Cease-Fire in Tigray, No End in Sight for Conflict

1,150 flee Colombia village caught between 2 armed groups

EXCLUSIVE: Nigeria’s secret programme to lure top Boko Haram defectors

Afghanistan: ‘Now is the time to stand as one’, UN chief tells Security Council

Palestine refugees face ‘dire’ humanitarian conditions amid ongoing clashes in southern Syria: UNRWA

Afghan crisis: Russia plans for new era with Taliban rule

News Roundup 9 August – 15 August

August 18, 2021

Over 18,000 children recruited by Colombia’s FARC rebels -court

Mali: Dozens of civilians massacred in militant raids on villages

Chad invites armed groups to participate in national dialogue

Mozambique Government Retakes Key Town from Militants

Damascus’s False Reconciliation Failed in Daraa

Ethiopia denounces rebel alliance as war widens

Palestinian Rockets in May Killed Civilians in Israel, Gaza

Myanmar army attacks medics, hampering COVID response, rights groups say

UNHCR gravely concerned about systematic sexual violence in DR Congo’s Tanganyika Province

Afghan leader rallies forces in Taliban-besieged northern city