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Symposium on Al-Jedda and Al-Skeini cases in Military Law and the Law of War Review

October 8, 2012

The latest issue of the Military Law and the Law of War Review (Volume 50, Issue 3-4) deals, besides other articles and bok reviews , specifically with the ECHR’s Al-Jedda (summary and judgment)  and Al-Skeini (summary and judgment) cases:

– F. Naert, The European Court of Human Rights’ Al-Jedda and Al-Skeini Judgments: an Introduction and Some Reflections (full text)

– F. Messineo, Things Could only Get Better: Al-Jedda beyond Behrami (abstract)

– K. M. Larsen, ‘Neither Effective Control nor Ultimate Authority and Control’: Attribution of Conduct in Al-Jedda (abstract)

– A-M. Baldovin, Impact de la jurisprudence récente de la Cour européenne des droits de l’Homme sur la planification et l’exécution des opérations militaires à venir: Application extraterritoriale de la Convention, imputabilité des faits des troupes et fragmentation du droit international  (abstract)

– H. Krieger, After Al-Jedda: Detention, Derogation, and an Enduring Dilemma (abstract)

For those interested in these cases and their relevance for international humanitarian law and extraterritorial application of human rights, see also Jelena Pejic’s recent articles (here (full text) and here (abstract)) and this one by Marko Milanovic (here (SSRN)).

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