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News roundup – 10 October 2012

October 10, 2012

Op-Ed: Colombia’s Rebels and Land Reform

UN Security Council hails work by Sierra Leone court to strengthen women’s access to justice (UN SC statement here)

France proposes UN resolution backing international force to help oust rebels in Mali’s north

ICRC: invisible wounds and local paths to recovery former child soldiers DRC

Libyan army blockades Islamist militia suspected of killing US ambassador

Pakistan Taliban causes revulsion by shooting girl who spoke out , but see also – luckely – Pakistan bullet surgery ‘successful’

Human Rights Watch: Separatists Thailand Target Teachers in Renewed Violence. A recent academic article (forthcoming in the Journal of Conflict and Security Law) deals with the situation in Southern Thailand. It argues that, although the Thai government views the situation as one of mere banditry and organised crime, the fight between the separatist Malay Muslims and the Thai government surpasses the threshold of non-international armed conflict and should be qualified accordingly. It is (for now) accessible for free via the advanced access:  Benjamin Zawacki, Politically Inconvenient, Legally Correct: A Non-international Armed Conflict in Southern Thailand, JCSL

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