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News Roundup – 13 November 2012

November 13, 2012

Empty chair at Colombia’s talks belongs to rebel serving 60 years in US ‘Supermax’ prison.

HRW – Ending abuses should be a priority for new opposition group in Syria.

Insurgency and diplomacy: Syrian resistance should take lessons from the Algerians who fought for independence from France.

Six gulf monarchies recognise rebel bloc as Syrian voice.

The Arab League has hailed the formation of Syria’s new rebel coalition, but stopped short of recognizing the group as the sole legitimate voice of the Syrian people.

Insurgent rockets hit three targets in Kabul.

Publication of the ‘Nepal Conflict Report’ by OHCHR documenting and analysing the major categories of conflict-related violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law that took place in Nepal from February 1996 to 21 November 2006.

UN failed Sri Lankan civilians, says internal probe.

Rwandan aid: Greening to reflect ‘very carefully’ before continuing UK support.

Qatar says seeking to bring Darfur groups together to join peace deal.

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