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Breaking News – full acquittal for Ngudjolo Chui

December 18, 2012

Breaking news coming out of Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court  that Ngudjolo Chui has been acquitted on all counts and is due to be released later today, pending an article 81 application by the OTP for which oral arguments will be made at 13.30. None of the key witnesses was considered to be credible and although Ngudjolo was found to have a position of certain influence within the armed group, the chamber could not find beyond reasonable doubt that he was the leader and that he had any involvement in the Bogoro attack.

Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui, a Congolese national, was charged with three counts of crimes against humanity and seven counts of war crimes allegedly committed on 24 February 2003 during the attack against the Bogoro village. It is alleged that this attack was carried out by combatants led by Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui and Germain Katanga, that it was part of a widespread attack directed not only against a military camp located in Bogoro village but also against the civilian population of the village.

There will be more discussion of this case on the blog later!

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