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News on Malaysia-Royal Sulu Army clashes and News Roundup – 7 March 2013

March 7, 2013

Situation in Sabah:

60 persons reportedly killed as Malaysia bombs armed Filipino group in Sabah. After Ban Ki-Moon called for an end to the violence, the Sultan Kiram’s camp declares unilateral ceasefire in Sabah, but Malaysia rejects Borneo ceasefire, demands surrender, following which the Malaysian PM declared Sabah east coast a special security area.

Other news:

UN OCHA: Humanitarian concern for thousands of people caught in clashes in Ktichanga (DR Congo)

Bin Laden Son-in-Law in Custody in New York

Op-Ed  on ‘Mali only waited months, why has Darfur suffered for a decade?’

‘Cracking down on dissent in South Sudan’

Syrian rebel army chief asks international community for arms and ammunition to resist regime

Amnesty International – Message from the front line: Adopt a strong arms treaty ‘before millions more die’

Ashley Deeks on Lawfare Blog: Drone Strikes in Pakistan: Consent and Obfuscation?

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