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News Roundup – 20 March 2013

March 20, 2013

International Crisis Group report: Criminal Cartels and Rule of Law in Mexico

Human Rights Watch: Stop revenge crimes by armed groups against displaced persons in Libya

Possible reasons why Ntaganda requested the US Embassy in Kigali to surrender him to the ICC here and here

Amnesty International: 10 facts you should know about the crisis in the DRC

Turkey targeted in bomb attacks before expected rebel ceasefire

Syrian rebel official backs interim government

Islamic law comes to rebel-held Syria

US and Afghanistan reach deal on pullout of American special forces

On the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria:

Syria claims rebel chemical weapon attack kills 16

White House: No evidence of rebel chemical weapons use

Both Sides in Syria Want Inquiry on Chemical Arms

A new video on the New York Times “Watching Syria’s War” project shows “Huddled Under Blankets, Victims Treated with Oxygen Masks and Pepsi”. See this video for an introduction to the project.

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