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News Roundup – 21 March 2013

March 21, 2013

Reportedly, No More Drones for CIA. Human Rights Watch welcomes this move towards more transparency, but warns that it is not the end. Deborah Pearlstein comments on it at Opinio Juris. More on drones at: IRIN Analysis: The view from the ground, How drone strikes hamper aid

French Mali hostage said to be killed by al-Qaeda

UN Security Council to discuss CAR at France’s request

‘ICC Team on the Way to Collect Congo War Crimes Suspect’

Hezbollah Courier Guilty of Role in Cyprus Terror Plot

News on PKK ceasefire offer:

Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan declares ceasefire with Turkey

Kurdish ceasefire boosts peace process in Turkey

Cautious Turkish PM welcomes Öcalan’s call for end to armed struggle

Is it time for peace in Turkey?

Hope for peace sweeps over Diyarbakir

Aljazeera Timeline: PKK conflict with Turkey

Syria Asks UN to Probe Alleged Rebel Chemical Weapon Use, and indeed UN to probe use of chemical weapons in Syria

Syrian opposition takes towns near cease-fire line with Israel

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