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April 2, 2013

Central African Republic:

CAR rebel leader Djotodia names caretaker government

South African Defence force union demands CAR rebel leader’s indictment for using child soldiers

Democratic Republic of Congo:

The Economist: A hint of peace in Congo: The arrest of a warlord may help a bit to calm down a turbulent region

UN Security Council approves intervention force to target armed groups in DR Congo

DR Congo hails UN attack force, as does the UN Secretary-General, but M23’s leader Bisimwa reject UN force (see, however, also M23 rebels vow not to attack UN in DR Congo)Sudanese rebel group releases 31 kidnapped Darfuris

Bosnian War Crimes Chamber jails Vlahovic for 45 years for war crimes


March ‘deadliest month’ in Syria’s war

Photo Of 8-Year-Old Syrian Rebel

Syrian government: Campus attack marks rebel escalation in Damascus

Further news:

Aljazeera blog: Bracing for chaos in northern Mali

Amnesty International: India Armed groups in Jammu and Kashmir must cease targeting civilians More on India: Police say 12 Maoist rebels killed in 2-day gunfight between rival rebel groups in east India

US: Combined Force Arrests Senior Taliban Leader in Afghanistan

Minor progress made in peace talks between Thai authority and southern insurgents

UN General Assembly approves global arms trade treaty

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