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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The Travaux Préparatoires

April 24, 2013

UDHR Travaux Préparatoires

The 3-volume travaux préparatoires to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is now available. Edited by William Schabas, this collection of United Nations documents was designed to facilitate research into the meaning, and scope, of the UDHR’s provisions. The collection orders the documents chronologically and employs thematic indexing to assist research into the origins of specific rights and norms. It permits an examination of the various drafts of what became the thirty articles of the Declaration and includes one of the earliest documents – a compilation of human rights provisions from national constitutions. The collection also contains approximately 800 annotations which are designed to assist with decoding references to names, places, events and concepts that would have been familiar to the drafters but may be more obscure for modern readers.

Cambridge University Press, 3375 pages, £220

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