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Geneva Call – a series of short films to promote awareness and respect for international humanitarian norms

May 8, 2013

Concerned by the suffering of the civilian populations and violations of international humanitarian norms occurring in the text of the on-going armed conflict in Syria, Geneva Call has produced materials to promote awareness of and respect for such international standards by all those fighting in the armed conflict.

In particular, it has produced a series of short films which are posted below:-

Fighter, not Killer – Do not Target Civilian Objects or Property.

Fighter, not Killer – Treat All People Under Your Control Humanely

Fighter, Not Killer – Do Not Target or Attack Civilians

Fighter, not Killer – Do not use prohibited weapons or unlawful methods of warfare

Fighter, not Killer – Respect and Protect Medical Personnel and Objects

Fighter, not Killer – Do not recruit children or use them in combat or hostilities

It has also posted a booklet entitled Fighter, not Killer.

Geneva Call invites individuals who would like more information or who wish to give their feedback to contact :

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