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News Roundup – 18 June 2013

June 18, 2013

Terror tactics making children more vulnerable during conflict, UN officials (see here for full statement by the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict).

Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre: Non-conventional armed violence and non-State actors: challenges for mediation and humanitarian action (see here for summary and see here for full report).

Assessing Public Support for Arming Syria’s Rebels.

Taliban to start talks with US and Afghan government (for full text of the Taliban spokesperson, see here).

HRW: For Libya to end the violence, it needs to shut down the militias. 

UN warns of Nigeria refugee crisis. 

Breaking news: Mali and Tuareg rebels sign peace deal.

International Crisis Group: Sudan’s spreading conflict (II): War in Blue Nile (see here for full report).

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