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News Roundup – 28 October 2013

October 28, 2013

FARC Frees American Hostage

UN mission chief deplores atrocities committed by Mayi-Mayi Cheka armed group  in eastern DRC province, whilst Clashes between rebels, army resume in DR Congo, and the DR Congo army says it captured rebel stronghold; peacekeeper killed

Geneva Call: Major Kurdish armed movement commits to the protection of children in armed conflict

UN humanitarian chief (Valerie Amos): Security Council appeal on Syria has made little difference. One of the aspects of her address was picked up mainly picked up by the media: Top UN official says 2,000 armed opposition groups active in Syria

Interview with one of the leaders of the “People’s Protection Units”, a Kurdish armed opposition group fighting in Syria

Wave of Car Bombs Kills Dozens in Baghdad

British report: Afghan forces capable but feeling pressure

Pakistan ambassador to UN: Pakistan never approved drone strikes on its territory

Important week for Myanmar’s peace process, whilst the Government hopes political prisoners’ release will encourage ceasefire

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