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News Roundup – 17 March 2014

March 17, 2014

Colombia closes in on a peace deal that could end the world’s longest civil war.

Three years after Gaddafi, Libya is imploding into chaos and violence.

Partition of Libya looms as fight for oil sparks vicious new divide.

Navy Seals board rogue Libya oil tanker Morning Glory.

Syria: Free all Arbitrarily Held Detainees, Hostages.

Opening remarks at a press conference by Navi Pillay in Nigeria.

Nigerian attackers target barracks holding rebel prisoners.

Humanitarian response gap grows in Northern Nigeria.

UN Inquiry aims to bring killers to account in CAR.

Muslims trapped in PK12 camp in Bangui, CAR.

Committee to Protect Journalists: South Sudan government warning: don’t interview rebels.

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