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News Roundup – 9 April 2014

April 9, 2014

Part 2 in the new series of blogposts on the Intercross blog examining the Authorization for the Use of Military Force: The AUMF and IHL at the inflection point. Professor Bobby Chesney, shares his views on the relationship between the AUMF and IHL, and what legal constraints would govern US military operations if the AUMF were repealed.

Amnesty International publishes second edition of ‘Fair Trial Manual‘.

Colombia’s victims of conflict ‘a priority’ for the State. 

Yemen: responding to growing needs amidst deteriorating security. 

Syria: Ban condemns spiralling violence, urges warring parties to halt conflict ‘now’. 

France agrees to evacuate Muslims from Central African Republic when protection isn’t possible and they want to flee

Myanmar government, ethnic groups agree on first draft nationwide ceasefire pact. 

Sri Lanka accused of mistreating women it suspects of Tamil Tiger links. 

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