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News Roundup – 8 May 2014

May 9, 2014

Rebels level historic Aleppo hotel, in Syria. 

Iraq’s oil police versus the rebel saboteurs. 

In wake of abductions, Ban to send high level envoy to Nigeria to discuss UN support. 

Abduction of girls an act not even Al-Qaida can condone. 

Explaining Boko Haram, Nigeria’s Islamic insurgency: Waging war in Nigeria, and seeking new battlegrounds. 

Islamic militant attack in Nigeria kills hundreds. 

French troops kill gunmen in heavy CAR clashes. 

RCA: qui sont les rebelles qu’ont affrontés les militaires français?

UN: Warlord Kony hiding in South Sudan enclave (see here for Secretary General’s report on LRA’s activities).

No, Joseph Kony wasn’t just killed by seal team 6. 

Gross human rights abuses committed by both sides in South Sudan conflict, UN report finds (see here for report).

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