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News Roundup – 10-11 July 2014

July 11, 2014

ICRC on CAR: Continuing violence in Bambari and surrounding area

Amnesty International: Mounting evidence of abduction and torture in Ukraine

30 Reported Dead After Separatist Rockets Hit Ukraine Military Camp

Ukraine death toll climbs, but information scant

B’tselem: Bombing family homes of activists in armed Palestinian groups violates international humanitarian law

Rockets from Gaza and Lebanon Strike Israel

Tensions mount between Baghdad and Kurdish region as Kurds seize oil fields

Human Rights Watch: Campaign of Mass Murders of Sunni Prisoners in Iraq

Bounty and bullets: ISIS targets Iraq’s artifacts

‘Worrying’ rise in piracy attacks around Malacca Strait

Various posts on self-defence on Opinio Juris:

“Military Members Claiming Self-Defence During Armed Conflict–Often Misguided and Unhelpful” by Ian Henderson and Bryan Cavanagh; and Jens Ohlin’s response: “Henderson & Cavanagh on Self-Defense & The Privilege of Combatancy”

Modernity according to the Islamic State, Boko Haram, the Taliban et al

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