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News Roundup – 24 July 2014

July 24, 2014

Human Rights Watch: Unguided Rockets Killing Civilians in Ukraine

ICRC calls on all sides in Ukraine to respect international humanitarian law (and explicitly refers to the situation as a non-international armed conflict)

Shells hit U.N.-run school sheltering evacuees in Gaza Strip

Israel Says That Hamas Uses Civilian Shields, Reviving Debate

UN sends aid to Syria without regime consent

Iraq’s Kurds want U.S. help to hold off Islamic State extremists

Iraqi security forces kill over 100 rebels

Isis militants blow up Jonah’s tomb

Isis denies ordering that all girls in Mosul undergo female genital mutilation

European Court Censures Poland Over C.I.A. Rendition Program. See here for the judgment in the Al-Nashiri case and here for the Husayn case, here for a commentary by Amnesty International, and here for a discussion by Ohlin on Opinio Juris.

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