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News roundup – 21 and 22 August 2014

August 22, 2014

Today, as the ICRC celebrates the 150th anniversary of the original Geneva Convention, it has published this video which explains the basics of international humanitarian law – Rules of war (in a nutshell). 

Peace talks resume in Cuba to address victims of Colombia’s armed conflict. 

Israel/ Gaza and the law of armed conflict: recommended readings

EJIL:Talk! Is Israel’s use of force in Gaza covered by the jus ad bellum?

Gaza: Hamas says 18 suspected informants executed. 

All Hamas leaders legitimate targets for Israeli attacks. 

Pillay castigates “paralysis” on Syria, as new UN study indicates that over 191,000 people have been killed (see here for report).

Islamic State militants pose biggest threat to US. 

Iraq crisis: some Islamic State commanders retreat to Syria. 

Tensions high in Yemen as Shiite rebel deadline looms. 

Boko Haram: justice must be done and be seen by all Nigerians to be done. 

Mali: children paying a high price in an ongoing conflict. 

Ukraine’s dying rebel capital seeks normal life against the soundscape of war. 

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