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News roundup – 25 August 2014

August 25, 2014

About the author(s):

Katharine Fortin is an Assistant Professor at Utrecht University where she teaches international humanitarian law and international human rights. Before joining Utrecht University, she worked at the ICTY, ICC and Norton Rose Fulbright. She is the author of The Accountability of Armed Groups under Human Rights Law (Oxford University Press, 2017) which won the 2018 Lieber Prize. Katharine has written widely about the framework of law that applies to armed groups in non-international armed conflicts and she is one of the editors of the Armed Groups and International Law blog. She has recently started a 3-year NWO-Veni research project called ‘Dangerous Liaisons: civilian agency, armed groups and international law’.

Why don’t the US and UK ever pay ransoms for hostages? 

Colombia’s military meets face-to-face with rebel leaders at peace negotiations in Havana. 

ISIS tightens its grip with seizure of airbase in Syria. 

Syria could work with West against ‘terror’. 

Qatar denies backing Islamic State group. 

Strife in Libya could presage long civil war. 

Nigeria rejects Boko Haram ‘caliphate’ claim. 

Boko Haram declares Islamic State in northern Nigeria. 

Summary executions in Somalia. 

Rebel held mine collapses in CAR killing 25. 

Prime minister of CAR names cabinet with representatives of rebel groups. 

Russia to send new Ukraine convoy. 

In Eastern Ukraine, rebel mockery amidst independence celebration. 

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