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News Roundup – 4 November 2014

November 4, 2014

Just Security panel discussion: Should international human rights law regulate the use of drones, detention and surveillance extraterritorially? 

HRW: Syria: ISIS tortured Kabani child hostages. 

Professor Robinson and Criminal Law Research Group use foreign prosecutions to stop terrorists. 

Interview with Washington Post reporter Liz Sly: moderate rebel groups encounter setbacks in Syria. 

Exclusive: Washington cuts funds for investigating Bashar al-Assad’s war crimes. 

Houthi leader dismisses UN sanctions threat. 

Popular committees feed Yemen polarization. 

Boko Haram implements sharia in Mubi. 

41 Boko Haram members beheaded in Biu. 

Army clashes with rebels for second day in east DRC.

Russia criticized for backing Ukraine rebel vote. 

Youtube video of what is reported to be ‘summary justice’ for two alleged rapists in Eastern Ukraine.

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