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News Roundup – 20/21 November 2014

November 21, 2014

Just Security: UN Human Rights Committee’s General Comment on the right to liberty and security: a missed opportunity?

Just Security: The United States and the Torture Convention: Armed Conflict. 

Opinio Juris Guest Post: the suspension of the Colombian peace talks and the illegality of the deprivation of liberty of members of state armed forces in non-international armed forces. 

FARC agreed to release Colombia’s general. 

ICC prosecutor mulls war crimes charges against jihadists.

United Nations Third Committee adopts draft resolution condemning human rights violations in Syria. 

UN armed Syrian opposition ‘ surrenders’ to Al-Qaida? And Al-Qaida are now affiliates of the Islamic State.

Can the Islamic State be forced to pay reparations to its victims?

Temporary truce declared in Libya’s Benghazi. 

Mali, rebels start third round of talks. 

Congo army colonel, rebel leader sentenced to death. 

UNHCR: Sudanese refugees struggle to get by as new dangers in CAR conflict. 

Enough Project report: Joseph Kony’s rebels sell ivory minerals (see here for press release).

OHCHR says nearly 1,000 dead amidst shaky Ukraine ceasefire (see report here).

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