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News Roundup – 4-6 March 2015

March 6, 2015

Human Rights Watch: New Killings, Disappearances in Pacific Port of Colombia

According to residents, Boko Haram readies for battle in NE Nigeria

Working to keep the peace: The impact of job schemes on ex-rebels

Geneva Call: First contacts with armed groups in the Masisi territory in DRC

In Libya, ‘Islamic State caliphate’ grows on tribal fears

U.S. backed rebel reportedly leads Islamic State in Libya

Libya factions hold peace talks in Morocco

Rival Libyan forces carry out tit-for-tat strikes

Syrian rebels reject U.N. envoy’s ceasefire plan

Rebels attack Aleppo security building, monitor says dozens killed

U.S. Syria strategy falters with collapse of rebel group

Blast in Syria kills top al Qaeda commander according to insurgent sources

Iran Gains Influence in Iraq as Shiite Forces Fight ISIS

Islamic State ‘bulldozes’ ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud

UN Security Council condemns chlorine attacks in Syria

Philippine army seizes Muslim rebel bomb factory as peace plan flounders

Philippine armed forces vow to decimate insurgents

Philippine armed forces say 36 ASG rebels killed, 78 wounded since January

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