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News Roundup – 10-14 August 2015

August 14, 2015

Peru dismantles Shining Path column. 

Lawfare blog: when cubs become lions: the future of ISIS child soldiers.

Is Turkey using ISIS as an excuse to fight the Kurds? 

Amnesty International report: Fresh evidence of atrocities underscores need for impartial investigation into Turkish airstrikes in Kandil mountains. 

Al-Qaida withdrawal raises Syria safe zone hopes. 

Powerful Islamist group backs IS-free Syria zone. 

Islamic State and rival Islamists clash in Libya, 17 killed. 

Nigeria’s Boko Haram militants have new leader. 

UN agency assists Nigeria’s neighbours as escalating violence sparks waves of refugees. 

Three Malian soldiers killed in landmine explosion. 

DRC: ethnic militias kill civilians in Katanga. 

Will ICC judges grant Lubanga early release? 

South Sudanese top rebel commander plays down fears of disintegration within its top leadership. 

Sri Lanka between elections. 

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