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News Roundup – 21 January 2016

January 21, 2016

Confirmation of Charges hearing in the case of Prosecutor v Dominic Ongwen (alleged brigade commander of LRA) opened in The Hague today. 

Report from UN Assistance Mission for Iraq documenting staggering civilian death toll in Iraq (see here for report).

Banished and disposessed in Northern Iraq: Amnesty International video showing how Peshmerga forces from the KRG have bulldozed, blown up and burned thousands of homes.

Assessing the road to the Syrian peacetalks: Q&A

Mokhtar Belmokhtar: the ‘uncatchable’ chief of Africa’s Islamic extremists. 

OHCHR Report documenting widespread human rights abuses by all sides of the conflict in South Sudan (see here for report).

Somalia’s Al-Shabaab attack Mogadishu’s beach zone. 

Sri Lankan President wants ‘internal’ war crimes court. 

Chatham House Event: Waging a Digital Counterinsurgency. 

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