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AJIL Unbound Symposium on Colombian Peace Talks and International Law

November 4, 2016

AJIL Unbound has posted a symposium on “The Colombian Peace Talks and International Law.” The symposium includes an introduction by Alexandra Huneeus and Rene Urueña and the following seven contributions:-

Christine Bell, Lex Pacificatoria Colombiana: Colombia’s Peace Accord in Comparative Perspective, 110 AJIL Unbound 165 (2016).

Nelson Camilo Sanchez Leon, Could the Colombian Peace Accord trigger an ICC investigation on Colombia?, 110 AJIL Unbound 172 (2016).

Juana Inés Acosta-López, The Inter-American Human Rights System and the Colombian peace: Redefining the fight against impunity, 110 AJIL Unbound 178 (2016).

Lina M. Céspedes-Báez, Gender Panic and the Failure of a Peace Agreement, 110 AJIL Unbound 183 (2016).

Laura Betancur Restrepo, The Legal Status of the Colombian Peace Agreement, 110 AJIL Unbound 188 (2016).

Pablo Kalmanovitz, Ius post bellum and the imperative to supersede IHL, 110 AJIL Unbound 193 (2016).

Rene Urueña, The Colombian Peace Negotiation and Foreign Investment Law, 110 AJIL Unbound 199 (2016).

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