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News Roundup – 20-27 March 2017

March 27, 2017

New Crisis Group Report: Counter-terrorism pitfalls – what the US fight against ISIS and Al-Qaida should avoid. 

New Crisis Group Report: Hizbollah’s Syria Conundrum. 

New HRW Report: Pakistan – attacks on schools devastate education. 

International, independent probe of alleged violations in Yemen needed – deputy UN human rights chief. 

UN expresses profound concern about terrible loss of life in Mosul. 

ISIL after Mosul: insurgency and rivalry. 

Marine killed for injured insurgent to learn the fate of his appeal next week. 

Syrian army pushing back insurgent offensive, military source says. 

Taliban offensive forces retreat of US, Afghan forces in key district. 

Body of rebel leader exhumed and displayed in Benghazi, Libya. 

Court awards $1 million for victims of Congolses war lord. 

ICC Trial Chamber II awards victims individual and collective reparations. 

ICC adds one year to Bemba’s conviction for attempted bribery of witnesses. 

MILF releases hundreds of child soldiers as part of action plan with UN. 

Blockade of rebel held east Ukraine to hurt Ukraine economy. 

Some legal blog posts you may have missed….

IHL does not authorise detention in a NIAC: a response to Murray. 

The ‘Command Responsibility’  Controversy in Colombia. 

The evaculation of eastern Aleppo: Humanitarian Obligation or War Crime?  and a reply

Opening the floodgates, controlling the flow: Swedish court rules on the legal capacity of armed groups to establish courts. 

The impact of Morocco’s admission to the African Union on the dispute over Western Sahara. 

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