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Two fully funded PhDs exploring Islamist non-State actor governance

June 30, 2017

Two very interesting PhD positions are being advertised at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation which is based at Kings College London.

The project is interested in better understanding how Islamist non-state actors govern in states where the authority of traditional institutions has been eroded. This project will trace and describe emerging challenges to the conceptualisation of power, politics, authority and governance posed by Islamist non-state actors, especially since 2011. The project leaders are particularly interested in understanding how Islamic non-STate actors attempt to govern and interact with both local populations and the global system of international politics; how proto-states and governance structures develop over time, responding to political crises, war, and civil society; and the limits of Westphalian-inspired conceptions of statehood.

Click on the link above for details.

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