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News Roundup – 1-7th January 2018

January 9, 2018

2018: British Armed Drone Operations Reach a Crossroads

Will Syria see a political solution in 2018?

Syria war: ‘Russian strikes’ kill 25 in rebel-held Eastern Ghouta

Syrian rebel shelling destroys at least seven Russian planes, report says

Syrian army preparing assault to end rebel siege of base east of capital

Huge jihadist-led combined rebel army forming in northwest Syria: opposition sources

Syrian subgroups merge to form new National Army under Turkey’s guidance

Terrorist Bodies as Bargaining Chips: Alyan v. The Military Commander in the West Bank

Old Dogs, New Tricks: Urban Warfare in Turkey’s War with the PKK

When it comes to protecting children in war zones, the UK should set an example by ending arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Norway suspends arms sales to UAE over Yemen war

Post-Saleh guerrilla conflicts leave scores of civilians dead

Yemen: Rebel-run court sentences Baha’i man to death

South Sudan Rebel Attacks Have Killed 34 People Since Beginning of Year

Eight dead as rebels storm Kashmir paramilitary camp

Bomb blast kills four police officers in Kashmir

Myanmar’s cockpit of anarchy

Thanks to Sam Jackson for the preparation of this news roundup.

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