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News Roundup – 8-15th January 2018

January 15, 2018

Financing armed groups during ceasefires

The Independent Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission: Has the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Awoken?

Turkey to launch imminent Syria operation against YPG

Syria: UN rights chief condemns spike in civilian casualties in ‘de-escalation’ areas

Talks with rebels in no-man’s land as Russia eyes post-war role in Syria

Syrian government must allow 529 sick and injured civilians out of Eastern Ghouta

Syria monitor: Over 20 killed in Idlib car bomb blast

Car bomb blast in Sidon wounds Hamas member

Armed Kurdish groups want disputed territory back in Iraq

Israel using electricity to blackmail Gaza

Kashmir civilian, rebel killed during anti-India fighting

Rohingya insurgents say 10 found in Myanmar grave ‘innocent civilians’

Colombia’s ELN rebels resume attacks as ceasefire expires

Colombia’s community leader assassinations up 45% in 2017

Once again, our thanks go to Sam Jackson for the compilation of this news roundup.

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