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News Roundup – 22-29th January 2018

January 29, 2018

The bureaucracy of evil: how Islamic State won a city (Part I).

Syrian rebels put their own aims aside to fight Turkey’s battles

Rescuers in rebel-held Syrian area accuse government of gas attack

FSA commander says 25,000 Syrian rebels back Turkish force in Syria

Iraqi court sentences first foreign woman affiliated with IS to death

Al Qaeda head blames Islamists for failure of Arab uprisings

Why attack Afghan civilians? Creating chaos rewards Taliban.

Analysis: US Treasury Department reveals new details about the Taliban’s network

Kabul: bomb hidden in ambulance kills dozens

Peace Process Stalls in Afghan Province

Isis claims attack on Save the Children office in Afghanistan

Libya’s militia culture must be demobilised

UAE-backed group vows to ‘overthrow’ Yemen’s government

Ambush on Mali Army Camp Leaves 14 Soldiers and 17 Attackers Dead

Why some Malians join armed groups

Colombia’s FARC launch 2018 campaign with anti-poverty pledge

Myanmar to sign ceasefire with two rebel groups amid decades of conflict

Northern Ireland militant splinter group says it will end violent campaign

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