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News Roundup | 7 – 13 October

October 14, 2019

Islamic State accountability, child soldiering, and conflict ignites between Turkey and Kurdish-Syrian groups.

Accountability for Islamic State fighters: What are the options

SDF says Turkey-backed rebels killed Kurdish politician, rebels deny it

Turkey bombards Syrian Kurdish militia, thousands flee as death toll mounts

Syrian Kurds outgunned but vow to inflict toll on Turkish army

Turkish and Syrian rebel forces to start Syria offensive “shortly” – Erdogan’s aide

Iraqi armed groups raid offices of media outlets covering protests

Peace may bring freedom to South Sudan’s child soldiers, but not the help they need

Doing bad to be good: Remedying the realities of youth participation in Colombia’s non-state armed groups

UN envoy: Vast majority of Colombia rebels back peace deal

Colombia’s FARC party expels rebel faction

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