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News Roundup 11 January – 17 January

January 20, 2021
  1. Want global stability? Modify the U.S. approach to dealing with nonstate armed actors
  2. Ethiopia: A partial view of the humanitarian fallout emerges in Tigray
  3. Insecurity and bureaucracy hampering aid to Ethiopia’s Tigray region
  4. Serious repercussions likely to follow US plan to designate Yemen combatants terrorists, UN warns
  5. US ‘terror’ label on Yemen’s Houthis could hit peace talks, aid
  6. Colombia says ex-FARC reintegration must continue, despite setbacks
  7. The key trends to watch this year on nonstate armed actors
  8. US Consulate a turning point for disputed Western Sahara
  9. UN counter-terrorism chief urges continued vigilance against ‘real’ ongoing threat
  10. Rebels launch attacks on Central African Republic’s capital
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