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News Roundup – 2-13 April 2018

Armed groups control Libyan prisons, torture rampant.

Yemeni rebel ballistic missile targeting Riyadh, intercepted Saudi forces say.

Syria chemical attack: Scores killed in Douma, rescuers say

Syrian rebel Jaish al-Islam wants negotiations: official

‘Humiliated’: Syrian civilians paraded as vanquished enemy after fall of Ghouta

Syrian troops take control of rebel enclave, Duma.

The ISIS Files

Taliban attack on government compound kills 15.

Search for elusive peace in Afghanistan

More Than Militias: Iraq’s popular mobilization forces are here to stay

US foreign policy paved the way for an Islamic State resurgence

ISIS 2.0 Is Really Just the Original ISIS

Anti-India protests erupt in Kashmir amid deadly fighting

Mali army kills 14 jihadist suspects in ‘attempted escape’

Former Colombian FARC Commander is arrested on drugs charges.

Ecuador gives insurgent group 24 hours to prove captives alive.

Three journalists are kidnapped in Ecuador, signalling the violence spilling over from Colombia

Former South Sudan military chief launches rebel group.



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